Dried Porcini Mushrooms | Sliced Special Quality A+ 500G

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Dried Porcini | Sliced Special Quality A+ 

Dried Porcini Special Quality A+ is a high grade wild harvested porcini that is selected and cut by hand.  This grade consists mainly of mushroom caps and stems that are carefully hands sliced  and it is an excellent ingredient with rich earthy and umami flavor. 

Porcini mushrooms are a famouse and scrumptious addition in various world cuisines.  Due to their robust nutty flavour, this is an particularly famous connoisseur mushroom. Widley adopted name porcini translates from 'piglets' in Italian, they are additionaly known as the king bolete, cepe in French, steinpilz in German. Boletus Edulis is Latin scientific name.

Naturally dried, untreated and not genetically modified 


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