Dried Porcini Mushrooms 50G | Sliced Continental Finest

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Dried Porcini Mushrooms | Sliced Continental Finest Mushroom

 BeoHarvest Dried Porcini is finest European origin selection. These romantic fragrant forest heroes are foraged from the best harvesting areas of Europe. Our wild harvested porcini selections are still dried in old traditional way;  with main focus on preserving all luxury aromas of this very special mushroom.  Naturally dried, untreated and no GMO.

BeoHarvest Dried Porcini is hand sliced, easy to reconstitute and cook with.  These dried mushrooms add rich flavour to your dish.  After 30 minutes in hot water these whole sliced dried porcini mushrooms will soften and double in size(try here) Porcini mushrooms soaking liquid will give intensity to risotto and pasta recipes. 

BeoHarvest Dried Porcini is carefully packed in practical, easy to store, resealable and transparent bag.


SKU DPM02 | Best Before December 2022

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Harvested 2020