May 29, 2021

Porcini Mushroom Price

By BeoHarvest Australia
Porcini Mushroom Price - BeoHarvest

Porcini mushrooms are ranked one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world and has earned this spot by being known to be hard to cultivate (almost impossible), only available for short period if conditions are right and they have very distinctive earthy aroma and flavour that is respected by gourmands.  Therefore, porcini mushrooms price can reach exorbitant amounts as they only grow in specific areas symbiotically with the roots of certain type of trees.

Foraging wild mushrooms requires knowledge and skills.  Generations of foragers have passed down their knowledge and skills in searching for this mushroom as well as the traditional methods of hand slicing and drying. 

BeoHarvest values these foragers by trailing with them directly and paying a premium for the quality mushrooms.  However, majority of the foragers across Europe face monumental challenges such as climate change, fresh porcini mushroom price fluctuation and the influx of lower grade porcini, some of which are not even from Boletus Edulis family but still labelled as porcini.  These are some of the factors that affect the porcini mushroom price and the quality when you buy them in your local store.

BeoHarvest has created a pathway for quality mushrooms to be transported straight to your door.  With competitive prices and Australia wide delivery with Australia Post network, BeoHarvest endeavours to be the leading supplier of dried porcini.

Chefs, independent retailers or restaurateurs who would like to customise orders can reach us at

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