May 05, 2021

Earthy Flavour | The Signature of Dried Porcini

By BeoHarvest Australia
Earthy Flavour | The Signature of Dried Porcini - BeoHarvest
Earthy Flavour | The Signature of Dried Porcini 

Porcini Mushrooms are available in fresh and dried forms.  Sprouting as fleshy fungi with thick meaty stems and a sponge like brownish caps, their short lives are extremly perishable hence majority of the picked mushrooms are dried.

Porcini Cartoon Sure, dried porcini may look unappealing in their shriveled state, but do not be fooled as it still retains the earthy rich aroma that is the signature of porcini and brings depth of flavour to any dish.  While fresh porcini brings a delicate earthy feast, rehydrated dried porcini has profound smokey characteristic and chewy texture, they are used as extra flavouring to bring robustness and umami taste to culinary fares.

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When buying dried porcini | How to pick ? 

As dried porcini mushrooms are readily available on the market, prices will vary but with any other good seasoning a little goes a long way.

Quality will vary - Carefully inspect the mushrooms in the packages and make sure that it is labelled as porcini (or "Boletus Edulis" in Latin , or "Cepes" in French).  Generic terms such as dried mushrooms may be a variety of mushrooms that pales in comparison to porcini.

Colour and shape of dried porcini - Look for beige-whitish, hazelnut colour and more 'cappella' (mushroom caps) if possible.  The mushrooms in the package need to be similar in colour. Choose ones with recognisable caps, stems and not a lot of crushed pieces.


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Dried Porcini Rehydration Process | Cooking With Dried Porcini Mushroom

Gourmet edibles such as the porcini mushrooms can be found naturally in the Northern hemisphere.  The most prized edible is the European variety and can be located not far from Arctic circle in Norway all the way to the Mediterranean Europe.

Norwegians call them "steinsopp", Germans refer as "steinpilz" or stone mushroom, while the Dutch named them "eekhoorntjesbrood" or squirrel bread and a variety of other fun monikers. Each European country pays an homage to this forest hero and is celebrated by the multitude of recipes that use this ingredient.  Polish and Italian cuisine is vastly different but in cooking with fresh porcini, most recipes start with the basic frying of the mushroom in butter/olive oil and prefferable garlic to lift up the flavour.

Tips How to Rehydrate Dried Porcini 

The process of rehydration of dried porcini should not be rushed by using boiling water to quicken the process.  Usually dried mushrooms rehydrated with boiling water will end up with little flavour as the water used has absorbed most of it.

To get soft and delicious rehydrated porcini use lukewarm or room temperature water.  Measure the required porcini and make sure that they are all submerged or covered by the water.

The rehydration process or soaking time can very depending on the quality, quantity and thickness of the dried porcini.  BeoHarvest mushrooms are high quality and traditionally thinly sliced by hand and will be rehydrated within 30 minutes. 

Strain the rehydrated mushrooms - these should have doubled in size and ready to use.  Do not throw away porcini soaking liquid - the rich umami flavour captured can be incorporated into the recipe you are using or in soups, risotto stock, sauces, and stews.